Sunday, May 26, 2013

Rich, Asian-Inspired Design Bath

This homeowner wanted to bring her home out of the 1980s with contemporary Asian design, so the powder room vanity was inspired by a Japanesekaidantansu (stepped chest), which contributes fluidity of design in the cramped quarters. The use of rich and dark colors makes the walls of the small space recede.
Designer: Debbie R. Gualco, Co-designers: Denae C. Baggs, AKBD & Leah C. Pugh, CKD, Reynolds Gualco Architecture & Interior Design, Sacramento, CA
An Asian bathroom design is inspired by the influences of the Far East. These influences include the spas and bath houses of Japan and the use of bamboo and pine to create a rich and luxurious look. The walls can be painted with Chinese symbols and characters symbolizing peace, prosperity and wisdom. The room incorporated elements of Feng Shui , or positive energy, and there may also be a Bonzai tree or rock garden that forms the base of the spa or garden tub that you install in your Asian themed bathroom.
There are many different design ideas and elements that are available for an Asian inspired bathroom design. Finding them does not take much by way of effort. You need to locate sources, be it books, magazines, TV or the internet to draw upon to understand what constitutes an Asian designed bathroom. The choices available are endless and they are only limited by your imagination and budget. Imagination can be overcome with inspiration, unfortunately budget requires certain considerations be made in order to accomplish the look you want at a price you can afford.
Look for Inspiration
To begin, find inspiration online for the various Asian style bathrooms. You will find through this process the things you like and dislike. Many of the pieces can be taken from other rooms in your  home. Make sure you take a complete inventory before deciding how to design your Asian Bathroom. 
Ask any friends or relatives who have completed an Asian inspired bathroom for their thoughts and ideas. You may also want to take pictures of a recently Asian designed bathroom to see what inspiration you can take away for your bathroom design.
The Cost of Materials 
You will need to determine the cost of your materials. This requires a trip to the home improvement center. You may also look to check out an antique store or center and look online for any estate sales that may have many of the items that you are looking for. You can spend several hundreds of dollars to achieve the desired look and style for your Asian inspired bathroom or more, depending on the type and quality of material that you purchase. 
The best way to determine the true cost of your Asian inspired bathroom is to look through books and magazines to see what type of material is used and look these items up online. This will give you the best estimate to work with when costing out the materials for the construction of your Asian bathroom. 
Installation Considerations
When considering the remodel of an existing bathroom into an Asian style one, you need to determine the best approach for the installation. Working within your budget, seek professional assistance in order to properly build, construct and make your Asian bathroom dream a reality. Only consider doing the renovation yourself within your skill set and ability and try not to take on more than you can do.

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