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Out With the Old and In With the New: Free Standing Bathtubs

Free Standing Bathtubs

It's impossible to replace the look of a great old-fashioned claw foot bathtub - or is it? If you love the idea of a free standing bath, but you don't want to spend a fortune or raid an antique shop, you'll adore the new look of the old freestanding bathtub.

Kohler Stripes

Leave it to Kohler to create an old-fashioned bathtub with a modern twist. This striped bathtub would look great in any bathroom, but it would really give an antique-inspired bathroom a modern twist. Contact Kohler for pricing and purchasing information - or, grab some paint, some painter's tape, and create your own version using Kohler's tub for inspiration. Photo credit:

Jacuzzi Luna Soaker Bathtub

Jacuzzi makes a lot of affordable bathtubs that are simply made for relaxing. The Luna Soaker Bathtub is no exception to this rule. Deep and divine, this tub is just what you need to spruce up your bathroom space. This particular Jacuzzi model retails for around $650 - a steal for a standalone bathtub of this calibre! Photo credit/available at:

Wasana the Newport

If "modern" sums up your decorating style, then you'll love this tub from Wasana. In addition to a touch-screen panel that allows you to change light settings (this tub includes colored lights!) and listen to the radio, the Newport also includes lots of relaxing jets, a deep bathtub, and a translucent finish (for the exhibitionist in you).Photo credit/available at:

Agape Inout Free Standing

There's something entirely "Zen" about this tub. Round and ridiculously serene, this bathtub will instantly take center stage inside of any bathroom. Whether you are aiming for a modern look or whether you prefer a classic d├ęcor, you'll find that this bathtub is perfect for any relaxing space. Available at:

Glass Bathtub

It's a tube - no, it's a bath! This bathtub seems to combine the concept of a recliner with a dangerously deep bathtub. If you love to lay back and relax, then this tub is the one for you. The Bathtub also includes shelving space that can house all of your fluffiest towels and luxurious bath gels.

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Handling Five Common Design Problems of Bathroom

Bathrooms are the smallest rooms in our house and wet. Our lives get busier by the day, a well-designed bathroom will not only make our early morning rush hour traffic less stressful, but also gives us the calm after a hard day of holiness. Here are some changes you can make an existing bathroom and put them on Blah Bling!

Breaking the first line

Bathrooms are designed and standard bathroom, double / sink or pedestal sink and a toilet flush to the wall, also called "wet wall". If the device is mounted on your nerves and standard size tub space to allow the elbows to get wet during a shower, then consider removing the tub and installing a walk in shower enclosure with a glass frame less. Niches include bathroom fixtures and remove all conditions that cause the external storage accessories and visual chaos. Additional storage can be installed at a certain height on the wall space for pedestrian traffic. It creates a sense of space and makes the flow of vision beyond the tub and shower curtains that were initially causing an obstruction in the line of sight.

2. Double Vanity

A double sink vanity with a mirror along the length of your vanity serves its purpose, but can get boring after a while. Instead, try: two independent separate vanities with framed mirrors, wall scones for lighting and storage under each vanity. It creates more interest and visual appeal, creating a rhythmic contrast between wall color and architectural vanity.

3. Tiles and finishes

The biggest challenge we all face in completing the selection is trying to achieve visual appeal, durability and maintenance, while a tile or finishing. Although this is possible, the important thing is to choose a material that will not affect your pocket. The advanced design to be considered during the selection of tiles is "Keep it classic, popular accent." There are several finishes that hot for a year, then fade away as the freshest and finishes on the market. Do not fall for a product that is fashionable. Finishes, such as panels, are successful in powder rooms. Wallpapers are back and the final prices are reasonable alternatives, if you are ready to install.

4. Lighting

Try something new, if your timing standard 3-light vanity is uninteresting and does not create an atmosphere in the room. Lighting should be used for functional and create a soothing environment that helps to calm and relax under a shower. For this purpose, and style you need to install a chandelier on average in the middle of the bath or Jacuzzi and pair it with a series of blown glass lamps with a color accent wall (the wall through the vanity will be a good choice.) These lights are accessories that you would normally install a kitchen counter or breakfast bar table. But who says you cannot use them in the bathroom for decorative purposes? We are here to break the norm and to personalize your space. Hidden lighting is always nice to have, especially if you have a decorative ceiling entry.

5. Accessories

Everyone loves accessories such as towels, mats, frames and vases but choosing the right amount and the best would be difficult. Do not be a victim of the monarchy monotonous. Contrast your accents, compromising on color and pattern, if you have a beautiful bathroom. For an all-white bathroom. Madness on the colors and patterns taking into account the balance and harmony.

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Four More Effective And Natural Drainage Cleaning DIY

Having a clogged sink increases the old chestnut about an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the road. There are a lot of things that should never go down the drain, especially if you have a septic system. In order to avoid blocking the start, we must avoid possible food; fat and hair go to waste. It’s nice to have a small wire mesh above the drains on the food particles and hair. Just be sure to clean the screen on a regular basis, or begins to smell.

Now, the dose of reality, no one is perfect. We have a lazy time, or the children are washing dishes, and not paying attention, or we are too busy to notice that the hair in the tub. Sooner or later it will end with a clogged drain.

I have two drains that tend to clog more often in my house, laundry and a sink. The tub drain is clogged with products for hair care and body. My washing machine is filtered through a plastic tube in a sink of fibers and lint in the drain.

The problem with commercial drain cleaners is that it corrodes the pipes are bad for septic systems, are toxic to groundwater, and can damage the material your sink or tub are made. I recently had to replace the drain in the sink and fixtures due to corrosion of commercial cleaning products. After this experience, I decided to test the methods of non-toxic and corrosive, less to clean the pipes.

Before DRAIN CLEANER groped for DIY
It’s better to remember to use drain cleaners, DIY routine - before clogs occur. DRAIN CLEANER when you try to do it yourself, you will probably need more than one commercial DRAIN CLEANER. You may also need to repeat the work more than once. Many drain cleaner’s DIY take up to an hour of work.

As in the Heimlich maneuver, first see if you can actually see the block. It's not a fun task, but put your rubber gloves and dig the hair and goop first. You can also try to sink drain hot water and turn a couple of times. If the lid is a minor, it may be all you need to do.

Baking powder, drain cleaners top DIY
The most commonly used in DRAIN CLEANER DIY use a cup of baking soda and a cup of cider vinegar. Powerful foaming action, followed by a lot of hot water, it is good maintenance. I admit I was surprised the first time I have seen the emergence of open casting when you try this. The drain bathtub was still quite slow, so I repeated the method.

The baking soda with lemon juice
Lemon juice (one cup) is slightly more expensive than cider vinegar, but it feels much better and works as well as vinegar. You can use this mixture in the kitchen sink just to feel better. Again plenty of water to run hot after baking soda and lemon juice foam for several minutes.

Salt, borax, and vinegar
I found this formula, ¼ C - The salt, ¼ C - Borax, vinegar and ½ C - Sage & Simple. I tried a mixture (followed by plenty of hot water) in my laundry room sink, and found that it took a while ', but made it clear the drain.

Boil water
Most clogs develop because of different types of fats and oils that are cold in the tube (think bacon) and solidify. Sometimes just using a kettle of boiling water will clear the clog. Boiling water can also be used with the above mixtures. But do not forget to pay directly into the drain to prevent damage to plastic or cracked porcelain.

If none of these works
It would be irresponsible for us to publish this article without mentioning that sometimes the snaking exhaust is the only way to clear blocked. Sewer pipe cleaners are great for cleaning small pieces of collection sewers. If you have a big ball of hair left, do not.

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Custom Showers Vs Prefabricated Shower Units.

When deciding what type of shower to install in your home, price plays an important role. The rest is a matter of style and ease of installation.

If you are going to add a bathroom or to renew an existing one decision you will encounter is tailored shower or buy a prefabricated units. This depends, space budget, taste and expectations.

With the popularity of renovation shows that regularly produce custom tile work, doors, frameless glass and water characteristics of many, this luxurious coveted - mid-range homes, even. But it will cost. There is a significant price difference between the two options, but if you are looking for an upscale look, a custom kit to a happy medium.

Prefabricated showers
Prefabricated means that a shower was mass produced in a factory. They are usually plastic, fiberglass, acrylic and gel-coat. Though most common prefabricated showers do not have the texture and white or almost white, which may come in a variety of different colors, with shelves, seats and door configurations and textures (mosaic effect, for example). They come in multi-bedroom units or one-piece (mono-block units are new construction), and may come as a game with a ring wall and a shower, or bread, or may have to buy the base separately. They are available in standard widths.

Showers are prefabricated chip and crack resistant and waterproof. That's a lot, considering you can buy from only $ 550. In most big box stores, you can get a 48 "shower kit with double seat for under $ 700. Lift the appointment if you are going to get new lights, too. If you want something like a steam shower, you can easily spend more than $ 2,000, plus you have to pay a plumber to upgrade your plumbing (unless you can do yourself).

The advantages of prefabricated shower units are easy and quick to install, durable and waterproof construction, in addition, are something of an expert do-it-yourselfer can install a day. The main disadvantages are that they may seem in comparison to the general custom tiled shower, and are only available in standard formats.

Custom Showers
It is not recommended that homeowners try to tackle a custom shower by them. Much of the skills needed to create seamless joints that keep the water-resistant shower, not to mention the craft it takes to create a personalized piece of art.

Even if the hand shower to measure is the price - not many people simply cannot afford it - is a good number of advantages of custom shower: the beauty, custom size, custom properties, a high-end look and return on capital employed (average area homes, remodels bathroom, with shower tile was a 68% return on investment, according to Hanley Wood's 2008 Cost vs. Value Report).

While you could opt for the custom solid surfaces such as Corian, most homeowners today are choosing tiles. Tiles can be made from natural stone, ceramic or glass. These can be combined in an infinite range of sizes, styles and colors to create a single bath. These rains usually start around $ 6000 - and only for the basics. To update your devices and add water jets, designed to pay a plumber to upgrade the water supply, wants to hire an electrician to install a new light, or if you want to add features such as a seat or in the lip shaving shower, all of which will increase the price. The cost of a custom door or wall half the price will also increase.

Customized kits

You can call for homeowners across the jet kit is now married to the idea of ​​unity of the natural stone shower enclosure or a nice looking high quality glass with a common budget. You still have the size and unrestrained creativity, is an element, but these units is to improve the other.

You can expect to pay between $ 2,000 and $ 3,000 for a bathroom kit. For example, American Bath Factory sells both corner and kits that include a rectangle stone cottage Sistine create a surround and shower pan, shower large pot, a hand shower and tempered glass door without frame. Both forms are below $ 2700 Lowes. Seats and shelves are added features. These can be installed in just two days and are suitable for DIY experience. If the block of glass is more your style, you can order kits from Home Depot you can create a shower of glass block looking custom. They run about $ 4000 and includes everything needed to create the shower.

So if you prefabricated or custom? Up to you. Units are durable, attractive shower available in all price ranges. If the customization does not fit your budget, you can buy the best you can afford prefabricated shower with a door and take a good look attractive accessories that match the rest of the room. If you can afford to build a custom shower, you should see some of the back of the investment. Otherwise, you might consider an investment in yourself.

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