Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Handling Five Common Design Problems of Bathroom

Bathrooms are the smallest rooms in our house and wet. Our lives get busier by the day, a well-designed bathroom will not only make our early morning rush hour traffic less stressful, but also gives us the calm after a hard day of holiness. Here are some changes you can make an existing bathroom and put them on Blah Bling!

Breaking the first line

Bathrooms are designed and standard bathroom, double / sink or pedestal sink and a toilet flush to the wall, also called "wet wall". If the device is mounted on your nerves and standard size tub space to allow the elbows to get wet during a shower, then consider removing the tub and installing a walk in shower enclosure with a glass frame less. Niches include bathroom fixtures and remove all conditions that cause the external storage accessories and visual chaos. Additional storage can be installed at a certain height on the wall space for pedestrian traffic. It creates a sense of space and makes the flow of vision beyond the tub and shower curtains that were initially causing an obstruction in the line of sight.

2. Double Vanity

A double sink vanity with a mirror along the length of your vanity serves its purpose, but can get boring after a while. Instead, try: two independent separate vanities with framed mirrors, wall scones for lighting and storage under each vanity. It creates more interest and visual appeal, creating a rhythmic contrast between wall color and architectural vanity.

3. Tiles and finishes

The biggest challenge we all face in completing the selection is trying to achieve visual appeal, durability and maintenance, while a tile or finishing. Although this is possible, the important thing is to choose a material that will not affect your pocket. The advanced design to be considered during the selection of tiles is "Keep it classic, popular accent." There are several finishes that hot for a year, then fade away as the freshest and finishes on the market. Do not fall for a product that is fashionable. Finishes, such as panels, are successful in powder rooms. Wallpapers are back and the final prices are reasonable alternatives, if you are ready to install.

4. Lighting

Try something new, if your timing standard 3-light vanity is uninteresting and does not create an atmosphere in the room. Lighting should be used for functional and create a soothing environment that helps to calm and relax under a shower. For this purpose, and style you need to install a chandelier on average in the middle of the bath or Jacuzzi and pair it with a series of blown glass lamps with a color accent wall (the wall through the vanity will be a good choice.) These lights are accessories that you would normally install a kitchen counter or breakfast bar table. But who says you cannot use them in the bathroom for decorative purposes? We are here to break the norm and to personalize your space. Hidden lighting is always nice to have, especially if you have a decorative ceiling entry.

5. Accessories

Everyone loves accessories such as towels, mats, frames and vases but choosing the right amount and the best would be difficult. Do not be a victim of the monarchy monotonous. Contrast your accents, compromising on color and pattern, if you have a beautiful bathroom. For an all-white bathroom. Madness on the colors and patterns taking into account the balance and harmony.

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