Wednesday, July 3, 2013

7 Steps to Create a Safe and Stylish Universal and Accessible Shower Design

Showers and bathtubs can be dangerous places for most anyone. Climbing over a bathtub rail, water and soap on the floor, a dark shower area which limits visibility are just a few common problems. How do you solve these challenges and create a relaxing, inviting shower which is safe as well? Read on to learn how:
Step 1 – Begin from the ground up –Shower safety and style begins with the shower base. Add a sleek contemporary European flair and greatly reduce the risk of a fall with a curbless barrier free shower base system (also called a wet room). In this system the shower base is set below the subfloor creating the structure of a universal shower which can be used by everyone.    
Step 2 – Floor it – Use slip resistant flooring in the shower. Consider a matte finish porcelain tile to reduce the slipperiness of the floor. Use urethane grout between the joints to minimize future maintenance.
Step 3 – Back your walls up – Long lasting and safe walls begin with what you don’t see – what’s behind the walls. If you’re using tile shower wall surrounds on the inside use either waterproof (extruded polystyrene) or water resistant (cement board) behind the walls for sound construction. If you’re using acrylic wall surrounds make sure to put solid wood backer boards behind the wall for future safety grab barinstallations.  
Step 4 – Change your plumbing valve to save water and add safety – New shower valves come with anti-scald features that prevent your water from getting too hot and will provide significant water saving benefits as well.  
Step 5 – Let the light shine in – Shower windows, glass shower enclosures, and lighting can add style and dramatically improve shower safety. If you’ve got an opening directly in the shower space consider using either a glass block window or an operable acrylic block window. For the shower stall consider either glass block walls (which are very sturdy) or a thicker frameless glass shower system. While your remodeling the bathroom add plenty of task lighting as well.
Step 6 – Take a seat – Get a more relaxing spa type shower experience (and improve safety) by adding a shower seat. If you’ve got a small amount of room use a fold down seat (there are some extremely cool teak and Brazilian walnut choices here), a moderate amount of room you can use a corner seat, and for large shower spaces a bench seat can work great.

Step 7 – Add cool, multi-purpose decorative grab bars  – The new styles bars don’t scream out Grandma any more. You can now get safety bars that add (not detract) from the looks of the shower and they can even double as towel bars and shower shelves.

Introducing a High End Curved Glass Shower Enclosure for Bathtub to Shower Conversions with a Cost Competitive Price

If you have a small bathtub you’d like to convert to a shower while improving the looks of your space and obtaining a high end look – you need to check out the new Novara curved glass shower enclosure with a “bowfront” style acrylic (or ready for tile) shower base. This unique system combines the low maintenance aspects of an acrylic shower base with the sleek styling of 5/16” thick curved glass with an easy rolling door system that slides smoothly and effortlessly. 
The Novara curved glass system – What makes this system so appealing (in addition to it’s contemporary style and the 5/16” thickness of the tempered glass) is the curvature of the glass increases the space inside the shower by approximately 5” – even though the shower is still confined to the alcove space previously occupied by the tub. This extra space allows for more comfortable showering and eliminates the need for ugly curtains that can get old and moldy. The clear glass provides the opportunity to show off high end tile, wall or decorative interior wall panels. Since this curved glass is mass produced in a standard size it is much more cost effective than custom made curved and bent glass – so you’ll get the style of a custom project without the high price associated with customization!
The Novara shower door hardware options – Sturdy and good looking hardware makes a door operate easily and lasts a long time. The Novara shower door system uses a heavy duty rolling system which is available in chrome, brushed nickel and ultra chrome finishes which can create a high end shower look even in a tiny tub space. These sliding shower doors can be configured to open from either the left or right hand side as well.
A curved acrylic base designed to fit the curved glass shower enclosure – Making a custom base fit a curved shower enclosure can be a coordination challenge for a bathroom remodeling contractor. With the Novara system by Fleurco the construction coordination is eliminated because the system can be supplied with a sturdy fiberglass reinforced acrylic base. This base measures 30 3/16” on each of the sides – but expands to 36” in the center to maximize showering space (a very cool design). It is 60” wide which is equivalent to the width of a standard tub enclosure. Acrylic has the advantages of being warm to step into and is easy to clean.
Premade custom ready for tile bases– If you’re not a fan of acrylic bases there is also a custom ready for tile base available for this curved bathtub to shower enclosure system as well.
What do you think about this curved glass bath to shower enclosure system? Do you have any questions about them? Please comment below.
If you’re looking for more information or an estimate to install this Novara curved glass shower enclosure visit The Bath Doctor of Cleveland (216-531-6085) or Columbus (614-252-7294).For nationwide direct product sales call Innovate Building Solutions (877-668-5888). For complete bathroom remodeling contact Cleveland Design & Remodeling(216-658-1270).

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How to Adjust Sliding Shower Doors

A dragging shower or bathtub door can permanently damage both the door and the track if ignored for too long. Learn the steps needed to fix it and get it running smoothly again.1: Remove the guide
Unscrew the guide at the lower edge of the sliding door. Protect the shower or tub from scratches with a drop cloth.
2: Remove the doors
Lift the door out of its track inside the upper rail. Tilt each door in or out to remove it. Wipe both tracks clean.
3: Adjust the rollers
Raise or lower each door by repositioning the roller in its slanted slot. Loosen the screw to move the roller.
4.Close up of rollers
Make sure all your rollers are either round or flat. Don’t mix the two types.
If the sliding doors on your shower or bathtub don’t glide smoothly, repair them soon. A door that drags on the lower track will eventually do permanent damage to both the door and the track. A dragging roller at the top of the door will wear and require replacement.
First, make sure the rollers on both doors are riding on the tracks inside the upper rail. Sometimes, one roller falls out of the track and the bottom edge of the door skids along the lower rail. In that case, you only have to lift the door and guide the roller back onto the track.
If an off-track roller isn’t the problem, you’ll have to remove the doors to adjust and possibly replace the rollers. Many doors have a small plastic guide at the middle of the lower rail. To remove this type of guide, just remove a single screw. Others have a guide rail screwed to the door (Step 1).
With the guide removed, lift the doors out of their tracks (Step 2). Then make sure the rollers turn easily. If not, apply a little silicone spray lubricant. Some lubricants can harm plastic, so check the label. If the lubricant doesn’t do the trick, replace the rollers. Most home centers and some hardware stores carry replacements. Take an old roller with you to find a match. In many cases, you can use a replacement that’s slightly larger or smaller than the original. But be sure the original and replacement edges match—either rounded or flat (see photo of roller types). If you can’t find rollers locally, type “shower door parts” into any online search engine to find a supplier.
Screw the new rollers into place and rehang the doors. You’ll probably have to remove the doors once or twice to adjust the rollers for smooth operation