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4 Help full Tips for Cleaning Bathroom.

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The bathroom is the most important and frequently used area in a house. I have come across a good number of people who value their time spent in there and you know what, even I do. This is why maintaining a clean and clutter-free bathroom should be one of your top-listed priorities. An average person, including myself, can possibly tolerate a whole crew of dust in the corners or under the bed. However, a grubby and messy bathroom with unused stylish yet functional bathroom cabinets is simply not tolerable. I prefer cleaning my bathroom every day in order to keep it safe for family use.
Now, cleaning a bathroom and keeping it clutter-free is not as tedious as it may appear. Being a part of the 9-5 population, I find it difficult to give time to my children, parents and others around. So, how and where would the bathroom part fit in? This is where my 4-minute rule comes into play. No matter how busy you are, a couple of minutes can always be spared from a very busy schedule. It does not necessarily require 4 minutes back-to-back. You can spare 60 seconds from numerous tasks all through the day. Here are the secrets that you can make it work for you too.

1.    60 Seconds to Start With

Kick-start your bathroom mission by cleaning up the surfaces. Put away your hair straightening iron, keep your beauty products back in their place, find a new home for newspaper/ magazine and put the towel off the sink. Your bobby pins and hair clips that don’t have a home should find one.
 2.    The Second Round
The second round is dedicated to surface cleanup. Drop some toilet cleaner on the floor, countertops, sink, bathtub, toilet seat and tank; let it stay for a while and wipe it all. Locate toothpaste spittle on the mirror and soap spittle on bath fixtures, spray some cleaner and wipe it all down to make them clean in a jiffy.
 3.    The Toughest MinuteThis minute is seen to be the toughest, as it involves setting things straight. You need to refold the towels, get a new toilet paper (if needed), put the bottles straight on the countertop, let the bathtub toys be in their place and utilise your stylish yet functional bathroom cabinets to house the everyday clothes hanging around the doors.

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4.    A Minute to Wind It Up
You need to buy a last minute from your busy schedule and assess anything that has been left out or has been made messier again by your kids, just like mine.
So, this is the wonderful 4-minute rule that helps me in keeping my bathroom clean and clutter-free. In order to make it work, you need to implement it every day. Otherwise, it would demand buying more time. So, use your time wisely and keep your bathroom as good as new.  

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