Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bathrom Trends.

It’s no wonder we are seeing a major rise in bathroom renovations that show off unique and distinctive trends – when you discover that the money invested in bathroom renovations today is becoming equal to or even exceeding the cost of kitchen renovations, it’s understandable that bathrooms have trends and benchmarks in their own right.
Why is there a rise in bathroom trends and an elevation of bathroom style?Firstly, just like a kitchen, a bathroom is a key room of consideration for a prospective buyer and it adds to the home sale price.  Secondly, and possibly most prominently, a bathroom isn’t just a bathroom.  It’s now a retreat for pampering.  Calming.  Relaxing.  The concept of day spas is creeping its way into our homes.  And for good reason.  It enhances our day to day lifestyle.
So what are the top 4 bathroom trends?  Let’s break it down.
Top Bathroom Trend No 1: Colour 
Based on the feedback from tradeshows, architects and interior designers, 2011 reveals a move towards oranges and yellows.  You may think them as too bright and buoyant, but used in combination with textures and fittings, these colours bring a fresh but incredibly warm and tranquil feel.  When selecting colours from this palette, just remember that sometimes a hint of contrast is better for smaller rooms, and take advantage of colours within the spectrum.  Less can be more.
Top Bathroom Trend No 2: Fresh Fittings
The industry is loving the freestanding bath right now.  It offers great flexibility in terms of design, not needing to be fixed against a wall.  It can leverage big spaces as well as create a boutique and prestigious feel. 
Another trend in fittings is the elimination of exposed plumbing.  Back-to-wall toilet suites where the cisterns are hidden and the pan and push buttons are flush to the wall offer a crisp and seamless feel.  They are stylish and give off a hygienic impression. Best of all they are, in fact, easier to clean!
But the biggest change is in the vanity.  Not only is there a rise in freestanding baths, but a rise in freestanding vanities that are custom designed.  Less and less prefabricated vanity units are being installed.  Rather, a custom designed vanity with access to unlimited colours, textures and materials seems to be the trend. With push-to-open draws and greater storage capacity, custom designed bathroom vanities with an inserted sink is now a top bathroom trend.
In keeping with crisp and clean lines, tap fittings are continually moving towards chrome mixers for a neat finish with ease of use over the 3-piece tap fitting units. 
There is a distinct shift from square shapes in baths and basins and a larger adoption of curved shapes.  Just remember, trends come and go – so be aware that when you carry out your bathroom renovation, unless you are looking to refresh the room every 5 to 10 years, make sure you consider how much of a trend you want reflected in your bathroom.� The introduction of curves seems to be a reflection of the desire for a more natural feel in support of a tranquil retreat rather than a single purpose wet room.  Without question the curve adds a warmth and calmative feel over the square shapes, without compromising clean, crisp lines.

Top Bathroom Trend No 3: Shape
And merging an old world heritage selection of amenities with modern accents in the overall bathroom design is also emerging.Check out our new Venecia bathroom package to see how classic taps can merge with modern fittings for a comforting effect.
Top Bathroom Trend No 4: Nature
Bathrooms have now embraced nature to create the feel of a sanctuary in the home.  Whether it’s the use of organic or natural products from stone and wood over the typical bright white tiles or the creative use of natural light and colours, bathrooms are less sterile looking and much more inviting. 
Windows from floor to ceiling with privacy shutters or garden oasis screens are a great way to bring nature in to your bathroom.  And an interesting new addition is led lighting incorporated in baths and showers so that the flow reflects the colours of your choice.  A fabulous way to create an atmosphere that you will feel is just for you.
But remember, you don’t need to use every trend on the market at once.  Pick what you like and make them yours.  It’s your bathroom, your retreat.  Enjoy!

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