Sunday, May 26, 2013

Big Idea for Small Bath

A few things all old house lovers are familiar with: Drafty windows, less-than-perfect plumbing, squeaky floors—and small bathrooms. While new home baths have nearly doubled in size over the past 30 years, old home bathrooms average about 5- by 8-feet. Not to worry, though: You can combat the claustrophobia by scaling down to physically save space. (Pedestal sink, anyone?) And, with the right colors and lighting, you can create the illusion of a roomy bath.
Here, we dig into the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) Design Competition archives to deliver great ideas from Certified Kitchen Designers that you can use in your next remodel.
Space Saving Solutions
It's often the smallest spaces in our homes that get shortchanged. Speaking for all of the tiny quarters out there, it's high time that we banish that theory and give them the style they deserve. Here are five clever ideas to get you started.
Bold Lighting and Mirrors
A bronze light fixture with an outdoor influence highlights the bold-framed mirror. Next time you're in a home-improvement store, check out the indoor and outdoor lighting aisles. You'll find great looks without ponying up a lot of dough.

Built-In Drawers
Pedestal sinks are ideal in small baths because they take up less space visually than a cabinet. However, a shortage of storage often makes them less appealing. Builder Chris Fisher of Tulsa, Oklahoma, placed two small drawers on either side of this sink. The drawers are both functional and pretty. They are painted the same color as the walls, while the trimwork is stained chocolate like the ledge above. A tile countertop mimics the flooring.
Woodwork Wonders
Breaking up wallspace with tile or wood adds interest. Here, wood paneling covers two-thirds of the wall. A gray wash finish is paired with a deeper chocolate-stained ledge for a rustic look; the ledge holds accessories.

Don't Be Conservative With Color
Instead of a neutral hue, try a more festive tone in a small space. This shade of terra-cotta blends nicely with the wood in the room. The window helps keep the space from looking too dark. When going bold with color, always test it out first. Buy a sample, and see how it works on a small area of the wall. Remember, light can change the look of the paint throughout the day.

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