Sunday, May 26, 2013

His-and-Her Bath

The use of continuing horizontal lines, a large, frameless mirror, and well-placed task lighting helps to create the illusion of a larger space. The marble-clad dividing wall lends modesty to the toilet area, while creating a recessed storage opportunity. A must in every small bath, the shower has a curbless entry to eliminate demarcation of the limited footprint.
Designer: Gary Hentges, Hentges Construction, Inc., Urbana, IL
Some couples may find that a his and her bathroom is a solution to their problems. His and her bathrooms separate many of the shared fixtures and furnishings in the bathroom so that each person has their own. Common items include vanities, medicine cabinets, shower systems and even toilets.
The biggest (and most obvious) improvement in a his and her bathroom is personal space. Each person has their own area that they can use however they see fit. This should hopefully reduce the amount of fights you and your beau have regarding differences in hygiene and organization. The shower especially becomes a little nicer as each partner can now have a shower that works for them. Separate showerheads will certainly come in handy if one person is taller than the other.

Overall, his and her bathrooms are a great idea if it can fit in both your space and budget. Homes with two toilets and dual shower systems may require more water volume (and hot water) to adequately supply each station. In addition, your current bathroom may not have the square footage to allow for two of everything.The bottom line is his and her bathrooms shouldn’t be necessary…unless a couple cannot compromise, or have the funds to turn their space into a luxury suite. If you are interested in transforming your space into a shared room, here are some ideas:1.separate vanities
2.monogrammed or labeled apothecary jars (storage)
3.his and her bath linens (will mark which is which)

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