Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cleaning maintaining bathroom tip #2

I will share how you can manage a clean bathroom that lasts until you do the “real bathroom clean.”  This tip is good only after you have already done the BIG clean and you have a week to go before the next cleaning.  If you have an active bathroom with kids, with a husband (the biggest kid) or both; the first thing that is going to look noticeably dirty is the sink.  There is going to be toothpaste, mouthwash, hair, dirt, dried and wet soap, shaving cream and anything else you can imagine.  If you apply this small cleaning tip to your everyday bathroom routine, you will not have to work so hard on Saturday’s, and you won’t feel so frustrated looking at the accumulation of the mess everyday.  Since my children’s bathroom is also the main bathroom for any company we might have, I have to be conscious to maintain its cleanliness.  When I’m not using my own bathroom or the kitchen sink to wash my hands, I will use the main bathroom at least once a day to wash my hands.  Just before I put soap on my hands, I would put some Pine-Sol on the bathroom sponge and give the sink a nice rub-down for 30 seconds.  I would proceed to wash my hands, then while rinsing, I would use the tip of my fingers to give a quick wet-wipe of the faucet (which seems to always collect the children’s toothpaste). The entire process takes less than a minute.  Now you have clean hands and a clean sink.  Depending on how much quick-cleaning you would like to do in your bathroom, the next time you go to wash your hands, give a “quick-clean” to your toilet or the bathtub.  Until next time, keep it clean.
Cleanliness just doesn’t happen by accident or happenstance.  The average person has to darn-near program their minds to clean, clean more and keep things looking clean.  Some people like to tackle a cleaning project all at once and some people like to clean along the way.  Since I’m a Gemini, the crazy twins in the Zodiac sign, I like to do both.

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