Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bathroom Lighting .

Lighting in the bathroom is essential to every day living. Bathrooms need shadow-free lighting for shaving and applying make-up. Proper placement of good bathroom lighting fixtures creates the right cross lighting, which is an important technique that lights the face evenly from several directions. This helps to make shaving easy and applying make-up flawlessly. Lighting fixtures that are recessed, suspended or surface mounted, should be placed over the sink so that diffused light can be reflected on the chin and neck area. Placing a single bathroom lighting fixture over the sink is not recommended because shadows will cast down the face making daily tasks extremely difficult.
Locating Bathroom Lighting Fixtures
The bathroom lighting fixture above the mirror should be mounted 78” above the floor. For the best lighting, the bathroom lighting fixture should be 24” or longer (36” is preferred); however, using smaller fixtures is flexible if using side wall sconces or recessed lighting. Side fixtures should be 28” apart and centered 60” above the ground to proportion light output around the mirror.
Principles of Bathroom Lighting
There are four rules to consider when choosing the proper bathroom lighting fixtures:
  1. Provides enough lighting on the face and free of shadows and glare
  2. Light source color that renders falls naturally and pleasingly
  3. Attractive lighting equipment that compliments other fittings and furnishings in the room
  4. Easily accessible for cleaning and re-lamping that relieves the burden of maintaining the installation in proper conditions
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