Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bathroom Equipments

Handicap bathroom equipment and various handicap bathroom accessories, devices and products help those with physical limitations use bathroom facilities with more ease and comfort. Many of these items are also used in bathrooms for the elderly.
There are various handicap bathroom equipment that facilitate personal hygiene for physically challenged individuals. These include toilet tissue aid, a self wipe toilet paper aid with a long handle for those who have difficulty reaching. No need to touch the paper after using. It cleanly disposes of the paper for you.
For people having trouble lowering and raising themselves to and from the toilet seat, there is a power lift that will give you a gentle lift to help you get up from the seat. It also has support arms to help you keep your balance in the process.
There are also dual purpose accessories such as a toilet paper roll holder that can store up to three rolls, a support bath ring that goes right around the shower or tub controls, a towel bar, and others. In addition to their specific function, these accessories also offer grab bar support. They're also used as handicap bathroom equipment.

Shower Wheelchairs
Shower Wheelchair is ideal for wheelchair users who do not feel comfortable on a fixed shower chair or bench. This chair allows the user to move easily in and out of a wheelchair accessible shower stall. The chairs facilitate bathing and offer more independence to the user.

Toilet Seats
Handicap Toilet Seats sometimes referred to as handicap toilets come in different heights. They add a few inches to the height of a standard toilet seat and make it easier sit. Some models are fitted with support arms or rails to allow a disabled person or elderly person to use them effectively. There is also a toilet seat frame that can be attached to the toilet for support.
A toilet seat frame, or toilet grab bars can help an individual to raise and lower himself or herself to use the toileting facilities. These handicap handrails can provide some support and stability to the user.

Bathtub Lifts 
Bathtub lifts are another way to make bathing easier and more independent. They are usually operated with a hand control. Once the individual transfers to the bath tub lift, it lowers and raises the person to the bottom of the tub and back to the top area. Precision engineering makes it easy to operate with a hand control. 
Bath tub lifts can usually be used in most bathtubs. Some models may need a base extension for use in deeper tubs while others may not. Additional features may include reclining capability, portability where the back can be folded down for easy transport or storage when not in use. Bath tub lifts usually offer safety, comfort and stability.
Getting in and out of the bathtub can be a real problem for many people. The awkward entrance into a sunken area forces the body to move in a manner that can leave one feeling unsteady. Bathtub lifts can make the bathing experience easier, more comfortable and enjoyable. See video
Handicap bathroom equipment allows individuals with handicaps to use bathrooms more safely and with more ease and comfort.

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