Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Why You Should Hire Rocky Mountain Bathrooms To Remodel Your Bathrooms?11 Reasons

Why working with us on your project will be unlike anything you may have experienced with another remodeling company.
1.Getting it right the first timeWe don’t take short-cuts, and aren’t afraid to take a little extra time to get it right the first time. This avoids the hassles to you of us having to come back over and over again to fix and tweak things.
2.Bathroom remodeling is all that we do
The dedication of all of our resources to doing only one thing allows us to deliver impeccable attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship, while creating  beautiful bathrooms, that are completed in one-third the normal time.
3.We have high standardsWe believe in aiming high and always trying to exceed your expectations. When you contact some of our references you will hear in their words how great we are to work with.
4.We show up on time
It is this simple : We do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it. Isn’t it about time you worked with a company that respects your time? No games, no excuses, we are on time, we don’t keep you  waiting.  
5.We work jobs from start to finish:
Once we start your project we will be using a construction schedule that minimizes non-construction days as best as possible. You don't ever have to worry about us leaving your project for weeks and weeks at a time without anything being done.  Not only  will you see real progress, but this helps minimizes the time you are forced to live in a dusty construction site.
6.A strong warranty:

When you are doing excellent work you can provide an excellent warranty. Our two year free from defects in materials and workmanship warranty is twice as long as the rest of the industries.
7.No middleman or salesmen:

You have the advantage of dealing directly with the owner of the company instead of a salesman on commission whom you would probably never see again once the job starts.  Since I am on your job everyday when you have questions you simply talk directly to me, nothing will get lost in translation.
8.We are highly organized
We spend a lot of time pre-planning your project before it ever starts, we know that 1 hour of planning will save 4 hours on the construction site. Making sure everything is in place before we begin ensures your project run smoothly, on time and on budget. 
9.We are good communicators
Communication is essential for success. Putting everything in writing  eliminates confusion, that’s why we spell everything out in our estimates, often including pictures and brochures of the actual products that we will install. In addition, we keep you informed of the all the details so you always know what is going on during your project. 
10.Permits and inspections

The permit process puts an expert, independent, third party in the homeowner’s corner to inspect the project and make sure it at the very least meets minimum standards of safety. The permit process can protect you from sloppy or unscrupulous contractors who take short-cuts in materials and building techniques, potentially saving you thousands of dollars not having to correct something not built to code if you ever sell you house.    
11.Building with quality in mind
Many things  in your project are built over the code requirements because I want any project with my name on it  to be built to last, using the best materials for the job and the best techniques to ensure a finished project we can both be proud of.  

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