Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Installation Instructions for Aqua Glass Corner Shower?

You may install your Aqua Glass corner shower unit in a new bathroom or existing shower area. However, the preparation you need to do before installing the Aqua Glass corner shower depends on whether you are working in a new construction project or installing in an existing room

Preparation of Space:
1.Frame out a wall, extending from the back wall of where the shower unit will sit.
2.Cut out a 6 inch by 6-inch drain hole in the center of the floor where the shower will go.
3.Plumb the shower appropriately, according to the manufacturer's directions.
4.Place the shower unit into the area.
5.Place shims under the floor until the unit is positioned to drain.
6.Remove the shower unit from the space.7.Set the shower unit aside.
Installation of Shower Unit:
8.Cut holes for each of the shower's fixtures using a hole saw.
9.Mark the position of the showerhead and water supply lines on the back of the shower unit.
10.Drill holes for each of the fixtures or supply lines.
11.Place the unit into the shower area, aligning the drilled holes with the fixtures and supply lines.
12.Fasten and shim with screws. Shims will ensure there won't be shifting over time.
13.Place holes 8 inches apart around the nailing flanges using a 1/8-inch drill bit.
14.Screw the unit to the drywall using drywall screws in the holes on the nailing flanges.
15.Put silicone over each of the screw and around the holes for the fixtures and supply lines. Remove excess silicone.
  1. 16.Connect all remaining plumbing.
17.Caulk all seams in the unit where the unit was cut for holes or exposed edges.
18.Cover the nailing flanges with drywall.

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