Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How to Anchor Your Pedestal Sink to the Tile Wall With Toggle Bolts?

A pedestal sink comes in two parts, with the sink bowl being separate from the pedestal piece. If the pedestal sink’s bowl were to shift while you use the sink, the plumbing connections may come loose or the water in the bowl may spill out onto the floor. Pedestal sink bowls have holes in the underside where they contact the wall. Toggle bolts offer a way to bolt the bowl to a hollow wall when you do not have a stud to anchor the bolts into


1.Position the sink’s base so it lines up with the plumbing in the wall. Peel the backing off the adhesive side of rubber pads and press the pads onto the edges of the sink’s pedestal so the bowl does not slide around during the installation.
2.Place the sink’s bowl on the pedestal and lay a level across the bowl. Position the bowl until it sits level. Mark the location of the bolt holes on the sink against the wall using a pencil, and then remove the sink bowl.
3.Make an X with two pieces of masking tape at each location where you marked with the pencil. The tape provides a surface your drill will not skip or slide on, ensuring your drill bites into where you marked.
4.Drill pilot holes with a carbide or diamond-tipped drill bit, drilling where you marked the sink’s bolt holes. Peel off the masking tape from the tile.
5.Place the sink’s bowl back on the pedestal, positioning it so the holes in the sink line up with the holes you drilled into the wall. Drive the toggle bolts through the holes, tightening them until the bolt heads sit firmly against the sink.

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