Saturday, March 10, 2012

Prevent the Risk of Falling In Shower

When the age increases, the ability to stay safe in the shower can be greatly reduced. This is because the natural human condition worsens, of course, is aging, the environment in your bathroom, but usually remains the same. The best way to ensure the continued safety is to make some changes in your bathroom so that it is suitable for the more experienced. Here are some examples of useful changes:

1. Install the appropriate type of shower chair. Older people often tire easily and have less control over their motor functions. Prevent them from slipping and falling in the shower, it is better to use a shower chair. If you have a tub in the bathroom, is also a wise move to install the bench. And when the elder family member needs help in moving house, comfortable shower chair can be the best option.

2. Install toilet facilities, so that people can support their weak knees when they stand up or sit on a toilet. It 'also advised to install grab bars in shower or tub area.

3. Install bathroom floors carpeted, and add a slip back of the bathtub or shower floors.

4. If you have glass shower doors, it is better to remove them. Although this activity does not prevent the fall, eliminates the risk of injury that can be caused by flying glass.

Physical disability, whether temporary or permanent, may also contribute to the possibility of falling in the shower. A disabled person has special needs room, which depend on the nature and extent of his disability. For example, a person suffering from a pelvic injury will not be able to use a regular transfer bench because he can slide his hips from one side to another. It is trying to maneuver on a bench regular bath transfer may even lead to further damage. In this case, it would be wise to choose a transfer bench that slides and rotates so that the victim will not have to maneuver in the bathtub, preventing further accidents and injuries.

Another example is a person with a simple twist. In this case, the injured person does not need sophisticated equipment. The only requirement is that you can get off your feet, so a portable shower chair should be fine. As a final example, a person suffering from paralysis will have to use a comfortable shower. A family member or a professional caregiver the President will ensure that he does not come, when given a bath.

Learning to keep you and your family safe in the shower is not that difficult, but it takes some thought. And it is best to consider your options now, before you or any family member injured by the fall in the shower. Addition of bath chairs and other safety devices for your bathroom should not be too much, considering that it is the safety of your family is at stake

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