Saturday, March 10, 2012

Eliminate the Risk of Injuries in Bathroom

Did you know that over 70% of all household accidents occur in the bathroom? Most of these accidents are slips and falls in the shower. The good news is that these accidents can be avoided easily. The key is to know the reasons behind these common accidents and gains knowledge of how to address these reasons.

Age is one of the major factors weakened the person's ability to stay safe in the shower. This is because the condition of the course, decreases with age, but the structure and the environment, the bathroom is usually the same. A good solution would be to make some changes to the bathroom to make it safer for the elderly. Here are some things you can do:

First, it is normal for older people to get tired easily when they are and it is also normal for them to have less control over their motor functions. These two factors make it more likely to slip and fall in the shower. Perhaps the simplest solution is to install a shower chair in your shower and includes a transfer bench if you have a bath. If the elderly person needs help to pass, a commode shower be your best option.

2. To support his weak knees when sitting or standing in the toilet, this is also a good idea to install frames bath. And for the support in and out of the shower, you may want to install grab bars in the bathroom.

3. Replace carpet with tile your bathroom and add some non-slip strips on the floor of the tub or shower.

4th Clear glass shower doors, if any. In case you have a fall, you probably do not want to aggravate the situation with injuries from flying glass.

Physical disability, permanent or temporary, is also a major factors contributing to accidents in bathrooms. People with disabilities have special needs, and solutions for these needs will depend largely on the nature and extent of disability. For example, a bank of regular transfer serves no pelvic lesion, because it is able to slide your hips to and from the shower area. The best option in this case can be a sliding or rotating to move the bench, which eliminates the need for a disabled person slipping in the bathtub.

On the other hand, someone suffers a distortion simply does not require the advanced features of the shower seat. Standard shower seat will keep him well on his feet, and to ensure its safety, take a bath. But, if you are suffering from total paralysis, so you must use the chair comfortable shower. A family member or caregiver cannot guarantee a seat so you do not have to worry about falling when given a bath.

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe in the shower cannot be rocket science, but it requires careful thought. Therefore, it is best to explore all the options time to determine the best ways to ensure the safety of the bathroom.

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