Monday, September 12, 2011

Why Choose Teak Shower Chair

Why Choose Teak Shower Chair

Looking for a kind of shower chair in the first place? If so, then you might consider buying a bath chair in teak. What makes this special shower chair? Let the first material.

Teak is a yellowish-brown wood is often used in the production of furniture, interior, internal stratification, such as furniture, and the bridge of the boat. This type of wood has natural oils that make it extremely resistant to pests, climate disruption, and decay. It 'also waterproof, which makes it ideal for outdoor furniture and bathroom. The characteristics of teak chair are very durable.

Teak shower chair, and then provides the user with stability and comfort. It is an attractive, elegant and lightweight, making it ideal for any bathroom or shower. And in addition, the waterproof, teak is naturally resistant to mold, fungi and bacteria. This makes teak shower chair easy to clean and helps to ensure that it is always safe to use.

When choosing a shower chair teak, it is best to find the adjustable feet, especially if you have more than one user to the chair. This way you can adjust the height of the chair according to the height of the wearer. And like any other shower chair, teak shower chair has non-slip feet to hold it in place while bathing. This type of chair can be up to 250 pounds.

The elderly and the handicapped in general difficult to cut yourself a bath or shower to stay long enough to bathe himself. For this reason, teak shower chair is definitely something they can appreciate. It allows them to swim for themselves without worrying about slipping or falling in the shower and also eliminates the need to ask for help while bathing, in most cases. Since most people feel embarrassed to be bathed by someone else, a shower chair is very pleasing to any bathroom.

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