Monday, September 12, 2011

Shower And Tub Bench

Shower And Tub Bench

A tub transfer bench is perfect for anyone who has trouble on the edge of a bathtub. It's even better for wheelchair users, because it creates a bridge to the wheelchair is easy to transfer bath. The chair rises on either side of the bench and slowly crosses until they are in the bathtub. A bathroom off would not be complete without one.

Tub transfer bench also eliminates dangerous first step into the tub for anyone with mobility or recent surgery of the knee or hip. The danger is the slippery wet in a bathroom. Did you know that at least one third of older people often fall? The numbers have increased in a bathroom floor wet. Discover some of the best shower benches for the elderly and choose the one that is most comfortable for you.

Bathroom Safety

Stability and security are the two things that tub transfer bench allow the user. If you are unable to stand for long periods during a shower, then use the bench as a shower chair tub. Transfer bath benches are adjustable in height with rubber feet Non-slip, capable of holding up to 300 pounds. Some banks only offer a split shower in the design of the seats for you to insert the shower curtain. These banks are also useful for someone with shared bathroom doors, so it fits. This avoids splashing water from the bathtub. Most have holes in their seats to allow drainage of water.

The chair of the tub can sit and use a detachable shower head installed near wash. Increase security in and around the bathtub by adding grab bars bathtub disability and / or bathroom rails for transfers and stability. Make sure your bank transfer tub has at least one arm positioning for you and help transfer into the tub.

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