Monday, August 1, 2011

You Can Install A Ceramic Soap Dish In Shower

A ceramic shower soap dish is a flat ceramic tile which is a great accessory for the décor of your bathroom. To install ceramic shower soap dish is like installing the tiles, Towel racks and other accessories install the same practice.

If you are going apply a new installation, you have to leave some space exactly to the size of you proposed ceramic shower soap dish, while fixing the tile in your bathroom, so that you can fix your ceramic shower soap dish on wall. Allow the grout too. If the soap base is different from the size of the tile wall tile, cut it in to the correct size. Keep the grout from the mounting surface of ceramic soap dish. It is easier to remove the grout before it hardens, instead of trying to get the hard grout. So you have to be careful while fixing the dish.

After the wall tile is set and installed before the grout is applied, now install the ceramic shower soap dish. You have to make sure that the media goes where the ceramic plate is clean, and then apply some glue or adhesive to the mounting surface ceramic soap dish. Then Place the base plate in to position. Use spacers and duct tape to hold the plate in that position for 24 hours. So that the glue of adhesive can dry and the plate may get properly fixed within the wall.

Now, apply the grout with a rubber grout claims. Clean the surface of the work piece and fixture and the arrival of this project ceramic shower soap dish. Now your ceramic soap dish is fixed properly, which will give a vibrant and pleasant looks to you bathroom’s décor.

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