Monday, August 1, 2011

Tile Shower Drain - More Than You Think

The shower drain tile is very difficult and the hard part is buried under the shower pan. See all tiled shower made directly to drain all the water. All the water that covers the part that seeps into the ground. Because wood floors are never totally watertight. Some water ends up leaking straight through the floor.

Drainage holes, which are two floors. The top layer can be seen easily. The bottom layer is up to the floor. Two layers is essential to make the shower.

That's how it works.

Usually the drain is connected to the drain hose to drain the base is underground. Can you build a very important next layer. This is a layer of masonry that is inclined to approximately 1 / 4 inch per foot from the base of the leak in the shower walls.

Then, over the real trick slopedlayer installed a shower on the floor. Waterproof membrane sheet is placed over a mortar attack on a slope and then down to just above the drain. This coating is sealed for water at the bottom, which makes a line of traffic sent right to reduce the drainage holes.

After the liner is installed in all the corners that are difficult, the next layer is installed.

The next layer is a layer of masonry that forms the basis for actually laying tile shower. So it's a layer of mortar, then the lining membrane, mortar, and more.

But think about this ...

Learn to make a shower pan mortar = the average time to build a shower of the test without problems. The hardest part of building a shower pan is the best part is hidden. Critical parts are buried in the floor of the shower and can not be seen after the shower is over. Here are some of the basics that must be right.

The first membrane liner.

Did you know that a leaking shower floor natural? That's true. Grout and even some tiles are not waterproof at all. The water flows through the ground and can cause significant damage. The key to a shower pan is a layer that works. This is an impermeable layer which is actually built into the ground. This is usually a vinyl sheet that is based all the water that seeps into the ground.

Second pre-slope mortar.

The membrane vinyl liner is installed on a mortar bed slope. The slope sheds water against a special shower drain. This means that water that goes to the waterproof layer is not only the pool in the floor of the shower and sit there. Without a lower slope liner, shower base is a waste mold.

3. Covered with mud.

Malta used to build the floor is often called mud bridge. This is a special blend of components, but it is a simple mixture. And 'the only Portland cement, sand and water. That's it. These three components are the right recipe for all desired.

4. The walls become too low.

Here, in addition to Malta too. You see, high humidity can damage the wall behind the shower too. Therefore, usually concrete wall board is the basis for selection. This is because the cement board will not rot. It 'also important to put the thought behind the waterproof layer of concrete panels. Otherwise, the walls can become damp and moldy mess hidden from view.

5. Mortars higher.

The second layer of mortar and the top layer of the shower pan is a final piece of mud tires. This is actually placed just above the membrane liner. Have you ever wondered how the water it brings to the lining allows it to drain? It looks like water would move through a layer of solid brick. That drain tile shower special comes into play.

If you want to learn how to make a shower pan, you should understand some of the hidden parts. The waterproof liner, and special shower drain tile is really the key to a waterproof shower. They are both buried in the ground, so it is difficult to see how they work.


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