Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Installation of Perfumed Shower Niche

Showers have been growing in popularity, it is the main bathroom facility, where a shower was built of marble or stone of the leaf other faces. Modern showers often include glass walls and numerous things such as showers, shower multiple options, steam shower seats and, of course, niches or shelves for accessories placement. Today, niches are pre-built, waterproof and easy to install in custom sizes & designs, which makes a place more accessible and added to the function and mood of the shower.

Instructions to Install Perfumed Niche:
Measuring Tape
Preformed shower niche
Board sheets of 2x4-inchs
Steal Nails
Waterproofing fastener
Wall Boards
Board of Cement
Adhesive Membrane strip / tape
Sheet Membrane

The shower should be a nice height and placed out of the direct or frequent jet stream of water. Mark all potential places on your walls. If you're sharing a shower with others, you must have each person stand inside the shower and check that the height & position is comfortable for all users.

Now it’s time to select a niche in your desired size. After selecting the niche, add a frame on the walls so that you create a 2x4 inches box near by the niche, which is tied in the frame of shower. Make up to rough opening 1 / 4 inch large in width & height then outer dimensions of preformed shower recess to adjust the level of the niche during installation.

Now you have it Install shower niche on the shower’s wall so that the front wing of the niche is in the wallboard / cement board installed to support the tiled walls. The flange of the niche usually screw directly into the rough with the screws provided with it. Few kits may include spacers which can be used between the 2x4inch lumber & the flange to accommodate the place at the right distance to the wall plate / board.

Using a strip of membrane between the outer edge and the wall or cement board. Some producers may also offer special membranes for use in the niche part of the process of tiles. They provide some extra layers of waterproofing. See the instruction provided by the manufacturer before installing.

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